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  • Specializing in the production and
    operation of rayon yarn, viscose yarn
    and other products

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    NEWS: Morning report on the prices of the three major textile raw materials



    The main products are self-winding ring spinning, Siro spinning rayon yarn R21S other products specializing in the production and processing of rayon yarn and viscose yarn.


    Ring spinning rayon yarn R21S


    Ring spinning rayon yarn R26S


    Ring spinning rayon yarn R30S


    Ring spinning rayon yarn R36S


    Ring spinning rayon yarn R40S


    Ring spinning rayon yarn R45S


    Xuzhou Jiaxin Textile Co., Ltd.

    Xuzhou Jiaxin Textile Co., Ltd. is the private corporation limited which dedicates to production and processing of viscose yarn R21S/1, viscose yarn R26S/1, viscose yarn R30S/1, viscose yarn R32S/1, viscose yarn R36S/1, viscose yarn R40S/1, viscose yarn R45S/1, viscose yarn R50S/1, viscose yarn R60S/1,double yarn R30/2, double yarn R40/2, double yarn R30S/2, double yarn R40S/2 and other products. Our head office is located in Zhuzhai town of Pei county in Jiangsu province. Our legal representative is Cao Houpu. The project constructed in March, 2007 covers an area of 25 mu, and 8,000 square meters for workshops. 


    Xuzhou Jiaxin Textile Co., Ltd. is a dynamic and responsive company. Our goal is to provide quality and innovative services to our customers.

    Continuously provide society with new types of worsted products of ecology, environmental protection and concord

    Xuzhou Jiaxin Textile Co., Ltd.

    Walk with you all the way!

    Let us work together to create brilliant!


    Xuzhou Jiaxin Textile Co., Ltd.

    Add: Industrial Park, Zhuzhai Town, Peixian County, Jiangsu, China

    Postcode: 221600

    Contact: Cao Houpu     Mobile: +86-13952291860

    Tel: +86-516-89718989   Fax: +86-516-85919899

    E-mail: chp150012@163.com


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